Shark Cartilage Capsules – Arthritis Supplement -Healthy Joints and Strong Bones


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Unlock the natural wonders of Shark Cartilage Capsules for optimal joint health! Our premium Shark Cartilage supplement is meticulously sourced from the ocean depths, delivering a powerhouse of benefits for your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Packed with chondroitin sulfate and natural collagen, this supplement supports joint flexibility, aids in tendon and ligament care, and harnesses anti-inflammatory properties. Embrace the goodness of sustainable sourcing, ensuring your well-being while preserving marine ecosystems. Elevate your joint care routine with our Shark Cartilage – the natural choice for resilient, flexible, and healthy joints.


What Makes Our Products Special?

Firstly, we use fresh stock made-to-order from the most recent harvest and avoid sending old stock. Secondly, we use proper superfine milling machinery to achieve a high concentration, giving our supplements a superior strength compared to others, using lab-testing quality control. We also avoid shortcuts to prepare the product properly, which can involve washing and peeling, using proper sanitary practices. For raw product that is prone to oxidation, it is quickly prepared and instantly sent to the dehydration oven, as it is prone to oxidize rapidly. Thirdly, we dehydrate our product at a preset temperature, using a slow and low dehydration temperature, ensuring that its medicinal properties are not destroyed. Fourthly, we do not mix our powders with other filler powders. Our product is 100% pure, and nothing else. Our suppliers harvest from pristine regions found in Peru, using sustainable practices while preserving the natural surroundings.

Be careful when buying from other vendors, as many use fillers in their powders (e.g. rice starch) to save on costs, and can use inferior milling equipment, resulting in weak granular powder. If they are washing and peeling at the least, certain raw products can oxidize if not sent immediately for dehydration. This is a crucial step in preserving many products that are prone to oxidize, just as potatoes do when they begin to turn brown after peeling. Many vendors may even dehydrate the product without knowing its ideal dehydration temperature or time, which can result in uneven dehydration, or product with a burnt taste. This can result in burning parts of the raw product and altering its chemical composition, which destroys its beneficial properties. These are just some of the reasons why it is important in choosing a manufacturer that is experienced in what he or she is doing, producing the best quality product for the client. This is what sets Pure Inka Food apart from other vendors.

Order Information: For orders larger than 1 kg, if you are wanting Pure Inka Foods Labels, stickers will be sent inside the box to be applied upon arrival. For large volume orders, use the specified selections (e.g. 907 g, 5 kg, 10 kg, etc) to avoid being charged the higher shipping rate.

Note on Wholesale Prices: For orders up to 25 kg, we send out products by air freight. Due to shipping rate costs, you save more when you buy more. You will find the cheapest shipping rates when sending via sea, and usually for high volume orders of 300kg and up. To receive a quote on air freight orders larger than 25kg, fill out this order form. For all sea freight orders larger than 300kg, fill out this order form.


Shark Cartilage Capsules Suggested Uses

Take 1-2 capsules with water, 3 times a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Shark Cartilage Capsules

1. Joint Support: Shark Cartilage is rich in chondroitin sulfate, a natural compound known for its ability to maintain healthy joints. It promotes joint flexibility and mobility.

2. Tendon and Ligament Care: The unique composition of Shark Cartilage provides essential nutrients that contribute to the health and resilience of tendons and ligaments, helping to prevent wear and tear.

3. Natural Source of Collagen: Collagen is a vital component for the structure and elasticity of connective tissues. Shark Cartilage naturally contains collagen, promoting the overall well-being of joints and supporting their structural integrity.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Shark Cartilage has been traditionally recognized for its anti-inflammatory effects, potentially reducing discomfort associated with joint inflammation.

5. Sustainably Sourced: Our Shark Cartilage is harvested responsibly, ensuring minimal impact on marine ecosystems. We prioritize sustainability to provide you with a product that not only benefits your health but also respects the environment.


Shipping Time

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Packaging & Labelling

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