Huanarpo Macho

Huanarpo Macho

huanarpo macho

Huanarpo Macho, known as Peruvian Natural Viagra, is a natural supplement derived from the legendary Corynaea crassa plant. It is renowned for its remarkable afrodisiac affects and benefits for male sexual health. Huanarpo Macho enhances libido, and is used as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction by promoting blood flow to the genital area. Its adaptogenic properties contribute to increased stamina and endurance, fostering overall vitality and reproductive well-being.

Gelatinized Black Maca

gelatinized black maca

Gelatinized Black Maca stands out as a superior male supplement, celebrated for its robust benefits. Renowned for promoting libido and mitigating erectile dysfunction, it offers hormonal balance. The gelatinization process enhances digestibility, ensuring maximum nutrient absorption, fostering increased stamina, endurance, and overall male reproductive health.



Andean-grown Mashua, a medicinal root, harnesses profound healing powers for prostate health. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it supports prostate function and reduces inflammation. Known for promoting urinary health, Mashua’s unique properties contribute to maintaining a healthy prostate, making it a valuable natural supplement for overall well-being.

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